Welcome to La Carpeta Negra

Genevieve Signoret & Patrick Signoret

Welcome to La Carpeta Negra in its new format: an interactive blog.

In La Carpeta Negra, we share actionable information, opinion, and strategy ideas for global investors. We also report on the performance of our model portfolios.

La Carpeta Negra (“The Black Binder” in Spanish) isn’t new: it was born seven years ago as an internal research product delivered by staffers weekly to Genevieve Signoret in an actual black three-ring binder. Over the years, it evolved into a bilingual weekly publication sent by email to clients and interested readers. Today, we change only its publication format—to an interactive blog.

We also run a complementary blog, Timón Económico, where, mostly in Spanish, we monitor the global macro fundamentals: the global economy, geopolitics, and risks.

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Our third research publication is Quarterly Outlook. Available in both Spanish and English, it lays out forecast scenarios for the global economy. These scenarios drive the agenda for both blogs. In turn, the facts and views documented in our blogs feed back into our evolving scenarios. If you sign up for either blog, you’ll receive links to updated editions of Quarterly Outlook.

At TransEconomics, we translate the views expressed in these publications into portfolio strategies. To learn more about our asset management services, click here. You can also write us a letter. Or call us at +52 (442) 210-3847.

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