We still see stocks recovering in Q4 (but do diversify)

Genevieve Signoret & Alejandro Carrión



Most global stock markets continued their decline this week, with the S&P 500 index closing down 2.2% today Friday from a week ago. Nonetheless, our stock market outlook for October and beyond remains sunny. We expect the ongoing risk asset correction to end sometime after the Fed has announced its first rate hike (probably September 17), as soon markets have fully absorbed the message that (we expect) will accompany the FOMC decision to the effect that rates will normalize ever so slowly, remaining quite low for a long time.

Of course, we could be wrong. So, as usual, we urge readers to diversify their portfolios across a broad spectrum of asset classes.

We see stock markets starting to recover in October. (In case the don’t , diversify!) Dollar = King  image2


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